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December 19, 2018 - Platform

  • Updated on 19 Dec 2018
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Release Date: 12/19/2018

Release Enhancements

  • Added a new “All Apps” page to the navigation in Retrace. This will contain all Web Apps, Other Apps, and Serverless apps in one filterable page.
  • Added support for a scenario where Azure’s “Autoswap” feature wasn’t previously supported in the new Azure integration.
  • Made some improvements where some app names and server names would not show up in the App Name or Hostname filters. The cap is now set at 250 entries instead of 100 entries within the time range selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Azure instances were not being discovered in a timely manner when using the Azure integration.
  • Fixed a bug where filtering by URL in the Trace modal (All Traces tab) would not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters (i.e (),”,’,{}.[]) within the requested action would cause a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed a bug where the Error Occurrences page would not render correctly when viewing from an error notification link.
  • Fixed a bug where users would hit a “Too many redirects” browser error when viewing alerts from apps/devices/resources that they didn’t have access to. Now unauthorized users will get a handled “You do not have sufficient permissions to view this page” message.
  • Fixed an issue where requests originating from “root” has a placeholder link so that these requests can be viewed.
  • Fixed an issue with the JIRA integration not being able to bring back a list of users.
  • Fixed a bug where there would sometimes be duplicated associations in notifications.
    Added the “Ignored” error filter to the App Dashboard Errors tab to be in parody with the main global Errors Dashboard.
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