Docker Installation on Host
  • Updated on 26 Aug 2019
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Docker Installation on Host

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Please follow the installation instructions at Docker Install. This document does not detail the standard installation and is only for special cases.

Linux Agent on Docker

The Docker Host system requires installation of the Stackify Linux Agent. Do not install it on containers.

Add the --docker argument to the installation script when you install the Linux Agent on the docker host.

wget --output-document=stackify.tar.gz && \
    tar -zxvf stackify.tar.gz stackify-agent-install-32bit && \
    cd stackify-agent-install-32bit && \
    sudo ./ --docker --key "YOUR ACTIVACTION KEY" --environment "YOUR ENVIRONMENT NAME"

APM on Docker

Docker supports web and standalone applications (Java standalone applications are not supported).

APM for Docker containers requires a volume to be setup between the host and containers.

Adjust your container startup to include -voption:

docker run -v /usr/local/stackify:/usr/local/stackify ubuntu

Note: This creates a shared data volume between the docker host and containers at /usr/local/stackify and instructs docker to use unique pids across containers.

Profiler Setup
Modify your application containers to include the correct application profiler.

Restart your application and make requests, then check the results using Retrace.


Unable to Install Linux Agent

If you do not have access to install the Linux Agent on the host system, try our Stackify Retrace Container instructions at This feature is currently on a Beta release.

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