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Docker Swarm Installation

  • Updated on 22 Jan 2019
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Linux Agent on Docker Swarm

Installation of the Stackify Linux Agent is required on the docker Host system; it should not be installed on containers.

When installing the Linux Agent on the docker host add the --docker argument to the installation script.

wget https://s1.stackify.com/Account/AgentDownload/Linux --output-document=stackify.tar.gz && \
    tar -zxvf stackify.tar.gz stackify-agent-install-32bit && \
    cd stackify-agent-install-32bit && \
    sudo ./agent-install.sh --docker --key "YOUR ACTIVACTION KEY" --environment "YOUR ENVIRONMENT NAME"

APM on Docker Swarm

APM for Docker containers requires a volume to be setup between the host and containers.

Adjust your container startup to include -v option:

docker run -v /usr/local/stackify:/usr/local/stackify ubuntu

Note: This creates a shared data volume between the docker host and containers at /usr/local/stackify and instructs docker to use unique pids across containers.

Setup Profiler
Modify your application containers to include the correct application profiler.

Note: Java requires that STACKIFY_DOCKER_ENABLED be set to true as a System Property on application startup. This can be done using -DSTACKIFY_DOCKER_ENABLED=true.

Restart your application and make requests, see results flow into Retrace.

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