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Shared IIS Configurations

  • Updated on 18 Aug 2018
  • 1 minute to read
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By default, the Retrace agent for .NET on Windows will install a StackifyHttpModule in to IIS. This allows Retrace's .NET profiler to properly track when an ASP.NET request starts and ends.

If you are using a shared IIS configuration, Retrace has no way to automatically register the StackifyHttpModule.

You can learn more about using a shared configuration with IIS in Microsoft's documentation.

How to use Retrace with a shared IIS configuration

Since the Retrace agent cannot install the StackifyHttpModule automatically, you must manually add it to your application and then redeploy your application.

You can install the package from nuget and then be sure to redeploy your app with the new dll and updated web.config.

PM> Install-Package StackifyHttpModule

You will then need to manually modify your web.config file to add the module under "system.webServer".

    <add name="StackifyHttpModule" type="StackifyHttpTracer.StackifyHttpModule,StackifyHttpTracer, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=93c44ce23f2048dd" />

Redeploy your application and now Retrace's ASP.NET monitoring will work correctly with your shared IIS configuration.