Setting Up RUM with Java
  • 08 Jan 2021
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Setting Up RUM with Java

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This document details how to enable RUM for the APM Profiler in your Java application running on Linux or Windows.


1. Install the Latest Version of the Agent

Required Agent Versions
  • Windows Agent v4.29.29+
  • Linux Agent v2.30.10+
  • Java Profiler 1.32.3+

2. Enable RUM and Implement the JavaScript Snippet

Follow the RUM Getting Started guide to Enable RUM on your account and Implement the JavaScript Snippet into the HTML of the application.

3. Setup APM for your Application

Follow the Java Getting Started Guide to configure the profiler for your specific setup. The profiler will need to be properly configured for RUM to function.

4. Redeploy your App

Once the previous steps to enable RUM for your account and add the code snippet to your app(s) have been completed, the last step is to deploy the changes to your application.

Viewing RUM Data

Once the following steps have been taken to set up RUM for your apps, data will be reported in the corresponding App Dashboard. To see more information related to what RUM data is presented in the App Dashboard, see the Viewing RUM Data in Retrace help doc.

Disabling the RUM Cookie

By default, the profiler generates a cookie used by RUM to calculate page timings on your monitored applications. In rare edge case scenario, this cookie can cause issues with page caching. If you experience this, follow the steps below to disable the RUM cookie:

  • Open environment from the command-line:
sudo nano /etc/environment
  • Add the Environment Variable:
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