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Errors & Logs Tabs

  • Updated on 15 Jun 2018
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The Errors and Logs tabs in the App Dashboard are very similar to the more general Errors and Logs dashboards but are filtered to a specific app.

Errors Tab

The Errors Tab will present a list of all errors for the App.  By clicking on the number of errors on the right side, you will be brought to the Errors Details page where you can see more details on a specific error.

Logs Tab

You can capture all your App logging messages with Retrace's Logging Aggregation feature.  Based on how you configured logging for your App, you will be able to see logs in the App Dashboard.

Dashboard View

You can get a more comprehensive view of your logs and errors in their respective dashboards.  To learn more about this, check out the articles on Logs Dashboard and Errors Dashboard.

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