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Collecting Windows Event Logs

  • Updated on 28 Jun 2018
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For Windows machines you can take advantage of the Logs Dashboard by streaming your Windows Event Logs. This way you will be able to view these logs aggregated with all the other errors and logs being sent to Stackify.

Enabling Windows Event Logs Per Server

To upload Windows Event logs for Windows servers, you will need to go to the Server Settings of that server. You can do this by going to the Settings > Servers page and then selecting the cog wheel icon to the right of the server. In the Server Settings window you will be able to enable the appropriate checkboxes under Log Collectors.

Log Collector Checkbox Options

The "Windows Logs" and "Windows Apps & Services Logs" checkboxes corresponds with the two different categories available within the Event Viewer application on your server. Select the checkbox in the server settings for the type event logs you wish to have uploaded to your Retrace account.

Setting Default Behavior for New Servers

To enable uploading of WinEvent logs globally for all new servers, go to the Logs > Logs Collectors Page.

On this page, you can also click "Apply" to override all existing server settings.

Restarting the Agent

It may be necessary to restart the agent before Windows Event logs start flowing into your account. You can restart the agent by going to the Servers page in Retrace and clicking on the server settings for your server(s).

After an agent restart, you should be able to go to the Logs Dashboard to see the event viewer log entries.

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