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Getting Started

  • Updated on 22 Oct 2018
  • 1 minute to read
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Retrace installation varies slightly depending on your programming language, type of deployment, and hosting provider.

Retrace is installed as two different components.

Step 1. Install the Retrace Monitoring Agent

An agent is installed on your server that is responsible for monitoring your server, applications, and collecting the output of our code level profilers that powered our APM solution.

If you are simply installing Retrace on a virtual machine or physical server, check out these basic installation guides.

We also have specific guides for Azure and AWS that you should review that cover common deployment scenarios with those providers.

Step 2. Enable Retrace for Your Application

Depending on the programming language, our profiler may be installed globally on the server or it may require small modifications to your application project or code itself.

Be sure to check out our guides specific to your programming language to learn more about how to install Retrace for your specific application type, deployment type, and hosting provider.