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  • Updated on 23 Nov 2018
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Slack Integration Page

This integration will allow you to receive updates in a chosen Slack channel when an alert is triggered in Retrace.


To execute the integration, log in to your account and click on the Settings tab as shown above. Under the Integrations, click on Slack. Then, you will be directed to the Webhook URL page and click on the URL, as shown below, to enable Webhook integrations.

Webhook Settings

You will be directed to Incoming Webhooks page. Here you can choose your slack channel wherein your Incoming Webhooks will post messages coming from Retrace. Once you are done with channel assignment, click on the Add Incoming Webhook Integrations button.


Webhook URL

You will then be directed to the next page wherein you will see a Webhook URL as shown below. Copy the URL and switch back to the Webhook URL page under the Settings tab in Retrace.


You can now paste the URL in the Webhook URL page and once you have added the URL, click Save to complete the configuration process.

Adding Slack to a Notification Group

Slack can be added to any Notification Group from the Contacts tab, just like a User or Contact. Go to the Settings tab and click on the Notification Groups.


Click on the Default Notification Group link.


Click on the Contacts tab and click on Slack under the App Integrations.


In here, you can configure the types of alert events that will send notifications and what kind of notifications to send into your Slack channel. fig11.png

You can now switch back to the Webhook URL page and test the integration. Click on the Test tab and a successful notification will pop up.


Viewing Stackify Alerts in Slack

Once you have properly configured the Slack integration, you will see incoming Stackify alerts in the Slack app. fig6.png

By clicking on the View in Stackify for a particular alert, you will be able to examine the deatils of the alert in the Retrace portal as shown below.


Slack is supported by iOS and Android which makes it easy to receive notifications via your mobile devices.