Ubuntu / Debian Installation
  • 21 Jan 2019
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Ubuntu / Debian Installation

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Instructions on how to install the Retrace Linux Agent on Ubuntu and Debian based Linux systems. You can install by using the apt package manager directly.

The following commands are intended to be ran with root permissions.

Installing with Apt

  1. Add Stackify’s apt repository.
echo 'deb https://download.stackify.com/deb stable main' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/stackify.list
  1. Trust Stackify’s GPG key.
wget -qO - https://download.stackify.com/GPG-KEY-stackify | sudo apt-key add -
  1. Update package list.
sudo apt-get update
  1. Install Stackify Linux Agent.
sudo apt-get install stackify-agent
  1. Configure Agent with your Retrace activation key. You can find your activation key  in your Retrace account Settings > Account > Activation Key.

sudo stackify-agent-config --key "YOUR_ACTIVATION_KEY" --environment "Production" --devicealias [aliasname]
  1. Restart Agent.
sudo service stackify-agent start

Uninstalling with Apt

sudo apt-get remove stackify-agent

Upgrading with Apt

sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade stackify-agent
sudo service stackify-agent restart

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