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Using with ASP.NET Core

  • Updated on 28 Nov 2018
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Retrace has been tested with .NET Core apps targeting the full .NET framework as well as the new .NET Core "netcoreapp" framework. It works with ASP.NET Core apps that are deployed behind IIS.

.NET Core is currently only supported for Windows.

There are potentially 2 different types of .NET Core applications:

  • ASP.NET Core app that is hosted with/behind IIS
  • A console app or Windows service that is not a web app

The Retrace profiler and agent should automatically profile and track ASP.NET Core apps hosted with IIS.

Middleware Required for ASP.NET Core!
To make ASP.NET Core apps work, you must install our middleware

How to Install the Stackify Middleware:

  1. Add the "StackifyMiddleware" nuget package to your project.
PM> Install-Package StackifyMiddleware
  1. Modify your Configure() method in Startup.cs to add our middleware. The order in which you add middleware in your code matters. The StackifyMiddleware must be added before app.UseExceptionHandler().

Retrace Error and Logs also work for .NET Core apps.  See this article for more explanation: Using Stackify logging with .NET Core

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