PHP APM with Plesk
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PHP APM with Plesk

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Article Summary

This guide walks you through additional steps required to get the Stackify PHP Profiler installed with Plesk.

Step 1. Install Retrace

The first thing you need to do is install the Retrace monitoring agent on your server.

Standard Installs

Linux Only Currently
Currently, only PHP on Linux is supported.

Step 2. Enable the Stackify PHP Extension

Determine at which level you would like to customize your installation.
Configuration can be set at any of the following:

  • Domain
  • Subscription
  • Website

Plesk - Customizing PHP Configuration

Add the following to your PHP Settings:

stackify.application_name=Test Application

Please restart any of the following:

  • Apache
sudo service ABC_XYZ restart

Verify Extension Installation by reviewing the Troubleshooting Guide

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