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Can I use it on a Server?

  • Updated on 12 Jul 2018
  • 1 minute to read
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Prefix will technically work on a server, however Retrace is designed for servers. We offer a special discounted price for pre-production usage.

Important things to know about using Prefix on a server

  • By default Prefix does not allow remote access. Read: Remote access to Prefix UI
  • Prefix only shows data from the last 5 minutes
  • Only the last certain # of requests can be seen. So on a very busy server doing dozens of a request a second, it may be hard to find the request you are looking for as the local Prefix cache will be clearing out quickly.
  • There is no way to see Prefix traffic across multiple servers at once
  • Prefix is not performance tuned for high volume server traffic like our APM is
  • Prefix UI is not designed for super high volume traffic

About Retrace APM

APM allows you to see the performance of all of your apps, for all requests, for all servers. With APM you can track performance over a long period of time and across many servers. We highly recommend our APM solution for servers if you want it for ongoing usage. Prefix may work fine in a pinch to quickly find and solve a single issue.

Retrace is highly tuned for performance for high volume servers. Prefix is not and will use more overhead and server resources than APM would. The performance overhead of Prefix is not representative of APM. Use Prefix with caution on servers that are very high volume.