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Data Collection Policy

  • Updated on 05 Jun 2018
  • 1 minute to read
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Does Prefix upload any of my code, assemblies, or other data to the Internet?

No! Prefix does not collect any data, logs, code, assemblies, etc, about your apps and upload it to the Internet. Prefix runs as a Windows Service on the user’s workstation. It works by collecting data from profiling APIs. This data is evaluated locally and shown in the Prefix UI. This performance data never leaves the user’s workstation and is never uploaded to the Internet.

Does Prefix connect to Stackify for anything?

  1. The email registration process creates a unique user account for each Prefix user
  2. Hourly ping checks occur from Prefix to Stackify to look for a new version of Prefix
  3. Optionally download Stackify APM stats for comparison purposes. (More below)

If the user has a Stackify APM account, they will be prompted to optionally link Prefix to their Stackify account to unlock some additional features Stackify linked accounts will try to download performance stats from Stackify’s APM to show comparison data within Prefix. No local Prefix data is uploaded in this process except for the app name and URL being compared. Note: This feature can be disabled within Stackify’s client account settings, if desired.

Why does Prefix require me to put in an email address?

  1. We want to keep you up to date on Prefix updates and tips.
  2. We also match your email address to our user list to potentially unlock additional features available to customers who also utilize Stackify’s APM products.

Stackify will not sell your email address or spam you.

What “usage data” does Prefix collect?

  1. Every hour Prefix pings Stackify’s servers to check for new versions and report that it is still installed.
  2. Prefix utilizes 3rd party tools to anonymously track basic usage data. Certain product and UI events are tracked like page views, enabling and disabling the profiler, etc to understand how the product is used and how it can be improved.

Why does Prefix access my IIS and web config files?

Prefix parses web config files to find the appSetting for Stackify.AppName to show a specific name for your apps within Prefix. Prefix does not store or use any other type of configuration data. It does not use or store any sort of credentials, database info, etc.