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What is Prefix?

  • Updated on 05 Jun 2018
  • 1 minute to read
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Prefix is a free profiler from Stackify. It takes the same lightweight profiling that we offer on your production servers with Retrace and makes it available while you are writing and testing your code on your workstation.

Check out this promo video to get a quick idea of what Prefix does. Also check out our website to learn more.

What does Prefix do?

Prefix runs in the background while you are running your applications. It captures all of the web requests and provides detailed traces or snapshots of what the requests did.

  • Troubleshoot slow web requests
  • Find slow SQL queries
  • Find hidden exceptions
  • Look for bad coding patterns like N+1 database queries

Here is a sample screenshot of the type of data that Prefix collects:

Prefix Screenshot