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Windows Agent 4.18.8

  • Updated on 06 Nov 2018
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Release Date: 11/6/2018

Release Notes

Improved IIS restart behavior

  • Fixed an issue where in rare occasions IIS would not retry restarting following a timeout

Improved Behavior around Change Detection in the Agent

  • Certain file extensions/directories that are constantly updating could cause noise for Change Detection. These file types and directory names have been blacklisted to not trigger an app change.

Fixed a bug where APM data could be going into the wrong App name in Retrace

  • In specific scenarios where apps shared the same app pool, data would flow into the wrong app name at times.

Updated the APM SQL parser to the latest .NET native version

Fixed an issue with profiling Windows Services

  • This fixes an issue where using the /EnableStackify method would cause an App Discovery problem.

The Windows agent has been updated to .NET framework version 4.6.2

Updated the Java Profiler in the Windows agent to Version 1.25.1 for Java on Windows

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