Windows Agent Release Notes
  • 30 Nov 2021
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Windows Agent Release Notes

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November 30, 2021

Windows Agent v4.33.11

  • Fixed an issue where the environment name could be incorrect in the app dashboard


  • Updated Java Profiler to v1.33.9

.NET Profiler 1.6.x

  • Fixed an issue where .NET Core and .NET full framework applications running in the same process could cause crashes
  • Improved how "Reporting URL" APM data shows up for MVC applications

November 03, 2021

Windows Agent v4.33.7

  • Fixed an issue that would cause APM to stop reporting when Custom Instrumentation was implemented in a specific way
  • Fixed an issue where SQL method calls were not appearing properly in a trace breakdown view
  • Fixed an issue where the application name would not match what was reported in APM data in certain cases

October 19, 2021

Windows Agent v4.32.14

  • Fixed an issue where APM data was not being processed correctly by the .NET profiler when instrumenting certain functions
  • Fixed an issue in the .NET profiler that was leading to incorrect naming of Request URLs in specific scenarios

September 14, 2021

Windows Agent v4.32.13

  • Fixed an issue introduced in version 4.32.12 causing process/service monitors to not work correctly

September 07, 2021

Windows Agent v4.32.12

  • Removed RUM cookie support and replaced with the RUM V2 implementation (See more information in the RUM Docs.
  • Made some enhancements around how IIS logs are uploaded


  • Fixed an app naming issue when no Stackify.json config file existed
  • Fixed an issue where the Request URL had no reporting_url property causing APM to report or "null" as the request name.
  • Fixed an issue where unhandled exceptions were not properly being uploaded to the platform.
  • Fixed an issue where Azure App Services profiler dlls could fail to update
  • Fixed an issue where PSQL calls were not being captured in trace output

.NET Profiler 1.4.x

  • Added support for Microsoft's ConfigurationBuilder in the profiler
  • Added support for relative URLs
  • Updated StackifyLib to 2.2.2 to include support for manual RUM injection


  • Fixed some issues in the profiler where unhandled exceptions were not being collected
  • Fixed an issue where the HTTP Trace module would not be properly loaded by the profiler
  • Fixed a bug in the profiler where traces would not be generated in certain cases leading to missing APM data.

June 01, 2021

Windows Agent v4.31.7

  • Additional debugging logging to help diagnose discovery issues
  • Do not upload APM data until application discovery is complete


  • Replace profiler files in WebJob during update, even if the files are locked by an active application being profiled
  • Fix possible loss of APM on Agent restart

.Net Profiler 1.3.x

  • Add support for runtime configuration builders in .Net Framework 4.7 and later
  • Add support for OWin standalone apps
  • Fix capture of MySQL being double counted
  • Fix timing of Postgres calls
  • Hangfire support
  • Azure EventHub client support
  • Prevent errors logging or writing trace files from impacting application

March 19, 2021

Windows Agent v4.30.63

  • Fix application matching when using the legacy profiler with no configuration set
  • Fix an issue where the local cache was not getting updated causing application/environment name changes to not take affect until the agent was restarted.
  • Restore logic to use the Azure Role name instead of the deployed folder name of the application when running in Azure.
  • Fix an issue matching environment names due to case sensitivity
  • Fix an issue where MyApplication was the assigned name for an app if no names were configured through the web.config or Stackify.json file.

March 17, 2021

Windows Agent v4.30.61

  • New Installer:
    • Remove need to install SQL CE prerequisite
    • C++ runtime detection is fixed and C++ runtimes are required now
    • Added support for selecting New, Legacy or account default profiler in silent install
    • Interactive install will always force either the new or legacy profiler based on checkbox
    • Installing over an existing install reads the API Key and Environment name from the existing Stackify.ini
    • Installer should not force a reboot on Windows Server 2019 when the C++ 2017 Runtime is not already installed before the agent installer runs.
  • Fix some missing Postgres calls in trace if Async requests are used
  • Support profiling without the IIS module installed:
    • Removes the need to reference the module in Shared IIS configuration setups.
  • Prevent crashing application if debug folder is not writable
  • Support for WCF not in ASP compatibility mode
  • The profiler version is written to the trace file
  • Fix issue with crashing applications that load a resource only assembly (e.g. Language translation assemblies)
  • Stronger matches are required (Including app path, physical path and environment)
  • Improved how the agent discovers applications
  • Minor tweaks to the SQL parser in the profiler
  • Added Status and Took fields to ProfilerRequest and upload for all requests
  • Fixed some memory cache settings

December 02, 2020

Windows Agent v4.29.29

  • Create RUM cookie by default for .NET Framework
  • Add Path=/ to RUM cookie for Java and .NET profilers
  • Match IIS logs to application name

October 19, 2020

Windows Agent v4.29.25


  • Fixed an issue with EC2 instances which was causing the override name to sometimes be reverted
  • Http Tracer module configuration will uninstall if the DLL cannot be found in the GAC
  • Fixed issues discovering .NET Core applications running in IIS to the discovered IIS application
  • In some cases exceptions were not uploaded to platform (Better support for CaptureAllExceptions setting)
  • Changed calculation of Language specific time (DotNet, Ruby, PHP, etc. categories)
  • App pool names longer than 50 characters could cause errors in the agent.


  • Changed installer to sign exe and embedded msi files which removes unknown publisher warnings in recent OS updates.
  • Embedded all prereqs in the installer package to remove dependencies and allow a network disconnected install (though the agent will not do anything until the connections are open).

.Net Profiler v1.0.26


  • Fixed Custom Operation in Stackify.json to allow {{ClassName}} and {{MethodName}} substitutions
  • Fixed Incorrect count of Postgres SQL statements and HTTP Web Requests
  • Postgres table names were showing only the schema in the summary instead of the table name
  • Ensured that trace files are explicitly written as UTF-8 for .Net Framework


  • Capture Postgres Bulk Copy operations
  • Partial support for SignalR

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