Windows Agent Release Notes 2023
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Windows Agent Release Notes 2023

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August 17, 2023

Windows Agent 4.34.31

  • Resolves issues with APM data being delayed when using the 4.34.30 release

July 13, 2023

Windows Agent 4.34.30

  • Performance improvement for Azure App Services during agent initialization
  • Resolves an issue with empty URLs displayed from WCF framework calls
  • Fixes a crash on IIS after implementing NoSql for CosmosDB
  • Resolves an issue with IIS Request Logs defaulting to disabled after agent upgrades

June 7, 2023

Windows Agent 4.34.29

  • Resolves a hashing error with SQL queries from SQL Query Monitors

June 5, 2023

Windows Agent 4.34.28

  • Made incremental improvements to address an issue with APM delays in the platform when a web service receives thousands of requests per minute
  • Added support for deploying Azure App Services as a zip file when environment variable WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE is set to 1

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